Conference programme
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DAY 0 (pre- and TUTORIAL- conference day) Monday 26'th of June

(9.00-21.00) Arrival day to Gothenburg and the conference venue.  After lunch start our TUTORIALS.

In the evening a WELCOME RECEPTION is given in the Hotel BAR area.  All arrivals are most welcome.

 DAY 1 Tuesday 27'th of June

(8.30-20.00)  The first conference day with a Welcome speaches and our first FOUR SESSIONS of (four) presentations.

The evening will be starting with an OFFICIAL WELCOME RECEPTION with guided boat tour trough the channels and harbor of Gothenburg.  After this a free evening.

DAY 2 Wednesday 28'th of June

(8.30-23.30)  The second Conference day will also host FOUR SESSIONS and additionally the poster session. 

In the EVENING THE CONFERENCE OFFICIAL DINNER will take place at the conference Hotel with "secret entertainment"..

DAY 3 Thursday 29'th of June

(8.30-12.00) The last conference day will be a half day consisting of TWO SESSIONS and end at noon to let all participants have a possibility to catch airplanes and trains home.