Welcome to the 22'nd Met&Props Conference

Met & Props 2019 is focused on the progress in surface metrology, surface characterisation instrumentation and properties of surfaces from a broad range of application fields e.g. biology, arts, enginering, physics....

This is the 22'th (17+5) in the very successful series of two surface confereces -The 17'th International Conference on Metrology and properties of Engineering Surfaces and the 5th International Conference on Surface Metrology ICSM who both firmly established surface topography as a new and exciting interdisciplinary field for  scientific and technological studies.

Recent advances in measurement techniques have extended the scope of roughness measurements to much smaller scales and many new results have been reported. On the other hand, the methodology and techniques of roughness measurement and characterisation have been extended to quite different fields of technological application like forensics, archaeology, biology and odontology with fascinating results.

The 22'nd Conference is organized by Lyon University and professor Hassan Zahoani is the chairman of the organizing committe.

The conference aims to provide an international forum for academics, industrialists and engineers from different disciplines to meet and exchange their ideas, results and latest research.

TOPICS to ADRESS in Call-for papers.

The Topics adressed at the conference cover a Wide range of surface associated research fields.

Main fields adressed are SURFACE:
** METROLOGY incl. technology, characterisation and standards
** FUNCTION and applications
** MANUFACTURING at different scales

Examples of topics include:
* Metrology: technology, characterization and standards
  * Surface metrology on additive manufacturing/ 3D printing
  * Metrology of complex surfaces
  * Optical techniques
* In-line / in-process measurement
* Surface, micro- and nano-metrology
* Topography AFM/SPM
  * Metrology of constrained surfaces
  * Topography and image correlation
  * Engineered surfaces
  * Laser texturing (scale effect)
  * Texturing of bio-surfaces
  * Structured surfaces
  * Surface Intergrity
  * Topography of living surfaces
   *  Wettability & Fluid flow
  * Super hydrophobic surfaces
  * Adhesion
  * Effect of µ & nanotexture on cell adhesion
  * Rough functional surfaces
  * Haptic metrology
* Surface appearance
  * Self cleaning surfaces
  * Biomimetic surfaces
* Contact mechanics (Static & Dynamics)
  * Computational approaches
  * Tribology & Bio-tribology
   * Topographic Imaging & Wear
  * Wear of joint implants
  * Wear and traceology of archaeological and paleontological surfaces