News!  THE CALL is extended to 30'th of January

Latest day for Abstract Submission 30'th of January 18'th of December 2018

Met & Props 2019 is focused on the progress in surface metrology, surface characterisation instrumentation and properties of engineering surfaces.  This is the 22'nd in the very successful series of conferences which firmly established surface topography, -function and -manufacturing, as a new and exciting field interdisciplinary field scientific and technological studies. The conference is organised by Lyon University and is chaired by professor Hassan Zahouani.

Author instructions
Authors from academia, industry, and research institutes are invited to submit abstracts of 300-600 words.
The abstract should give an outline of the final paper, indicating the paper’s merits and relevance to the  conference objectives and areas of interest, as well as a brief account of the results and the conclusions.
The abstracts are to be submitted to using the template information down loadable below.

All submitted abstracts and all full papers will be subject
to peer-review by the International Scientific committee.

The required language is English and all submissions should be made electronically to:

Down-loadable abstract template

and the down-loadable call for papers, again....


In order to promote researchers to submit the latest and most interesting research, only abstracts are submitted before the conference and final proceedings will be compiled afterwards to give the authors a possibility to invoke conference feedback a well as permitting time to finalise empirical work.

STEP1: Submit the abstract of about 300-600 words by using the form on this homepage before December 18'st 2018
STEP2:  After acceptance from the conference, finalise research work and presentation/poster
STEP3: Present the results at Met&Props2019.
STEP4: Submit the full paper for reviewing.
STEP5: After adjustments submit the ammended paper.
STEP6: The paper will either be submitted to our "house" IOP journal STMP or the IOP conference series Journal.